Choosing Treatment

At Massachusetts TC Clinical Group, we know that the decision to begin the admission process is never easy. Taking the first steps on the road to recovery involves individuals admitting they need help. You can support your loved one by helping to guide them towards one of our treatment programs. Our experienced team at Massachusetts TC Clinical Group is here to help guide you through the admissions process and make your loved one’s transition into our care as straightforward and effortless as it can be. To learn more about Massachusetts TC Clinical Group and the services we provide, contact us online or by calling 774‑539‑7695. It is time to help your loved one find their way home. Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey along with Massachusetts TC Clinical Group are here to do just that.

The first step is deciding to begin the rehab admissions process at one of the State of Massachusetts many detox locations. The next step is finding a Licensed Detox Facility that can meet an individual’s needs and is qualified to make a professional referral to our CSS program. For those attempting to help someone struggling with addiction, please be sure to note which substances eacg facility specializes, its location, and the types of treatments offered. Finally, be sure to consider the financial aspect of treatment program.