Knowing When Someone Needs Help

Quality addiction treatment programs like ours at Massachusetts TC Clinical Group are structured around the specific situation of the client. So this will depend upon the substances being abused, as well as age, how long they have been using, and other determining factors. One of the most important of these, for instance, is the severity of the addiction. But whatever the situation your loved one is in, it is imperative they get professional help.

While looking into a treatment program, it is essential that you first understand the extent to which help is needed. According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, some of the signs someone is struggling with a substance abuse problem are: 

  • They are using the substance despite the adverse physical and psychological effects
  • The substance and its effects are often on their mind when not using
  • Acquiring the substance has become a priority
  • They have begun to lose interest in activities and people once enjoyed, which have been replaced by the substance
  • Their use of the substance has interfered with their work, school, and family responsibilities
  • They require more and more of the substance to feel its effects as intensely as they once did
  • Using the substance has become ‘normal,’ meaning your loved one doesn’t feel like themselves unless they are using the substance

If your friends, family, loved one, peers, or co-workers are experiencing one or more of the above, it is time to reach out to our addiction treatment programs to find them help.