CSS (Clinical Stabilization Services)

Clinical Stabilization Service (CSS) is a program that provides post-detoxification, residential treatment intervention in the form of a structured and intensive residential experience to individuals who are deemed to need this level of care (LOC) and whose prognosis indicates that they may benefit from this level of intervention. This service provides clients with education regarding the impact of substances on their lives and the lives of others and helps them learn coping skills to maintain sobriety within the community. Clients may be at high risk for continuing to use substances. The program includes an array of evaluations, assessment, education, individual, family and group treatment, as well as exposure to self-help groups and discharge planning. Clients appropriate for this LOC have the capacity for self-awareness, desire to change their behavior and the capacity to understand consequences, while not being a danger to themselves or others.

CSS is ideal for individuals who:

  • Recently completed acute treatment services or detoxification
  • Suffer from addiction, but don’t need detoxification medications
  • Have ceased using substances, but are at risk of relapse

Our team of experienced physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians, counselors, case managers, and therapists work together to deliver world-class addiction treatment using programs customized to your needs with a science-based approach. This integrated team approach focuses not only on your addiction, but also your physical health, mental health issues, recovery support, and life skills. This program provides multidisciplinary treatment with emphasis on individual and group therapy, along with other forms of therapy. We provide linkages and transportation to aftercare. We introduce skills for relapse prevention, and self help groups such as AA/NA, as well as providing the individual with supportive services to aftercare.

The scope of services available but not limited to are:

  • Psychosocial monitoring
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Medical evaluation
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • High risk/HIV education and Harm reduction
  • Case management
  • Aftercare planning
  • Discharge planning

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