Our History

For over 58 years Teen Challenge New England and NJ has been successful in confronting the addicted with hope, discipling to walk in freedom, and watching the hopeless live with purpose. Our-long-term 12–15 month faith-based residential programs has proven to give men, women, and teens the ability to navigate the storms of addiction and live a healthy and productive life of freedom. Throughout the six New England states and New Jersey we have established eight men’s centers, two women’s centers and one adolescent girls home.

During a residents time in the program they receive and learn the skills they need to charter their course and navigate life. They get scheduled class time with curriculum that deals with anxiety, anger, fear, and discipline. They have a job at different stages in the program that meets them where they are with experience and ability, giving them training and development by our caring and experienced staff. In addition, all our residents receive clinical counseling which meet residents with waves of compassion most often at their most vulnerable struggles. Our residents complete their GED if needed and have five different tracks to choose from as they prepare for graduation. During the last phase of the program all residents receive seven sessions of Certified Life Coaching which bring goals, structure, and accountability, designed to guide them to the wind for their sails and pushing them forward as they cast off to continue their journey.

In expanding the impact Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey has in the communities we serve, we have recently opened the doors to TC Massachusetts Clinical Group. Our new Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) program provides a clinical model of care in assisting clients navigate the beginning stages of living in recovery by providing clinical counseling, group therapy, having biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components with a faith-based track available upon request.